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About the Test

  • Short & Sweet – only 7 carefully-curated questions
  • Complete your self-assessment in less than two minutes
  • We’ll tell you what we recommend you focus on FIRST for boosting your website’s usability – which boosts your online user experience.

Spotlight Test Questions

This test was created by Bright Webs Design, web design agency founded by designer and web accessibility advocate Steph Sedgwick. We have combined the initial user perception of your website and narrowed down all the technical components to a super-short, super-simple self-assessment. The results of your assessment will tell you how brightly – or not – your website is shining through the vast sea of the world wide web. 

Steph Sedgwick, Founder of Bright Webs Design

This test is NOT A DEEP DIVE. It’s only 7 questions, and cannot replace a proper evaluation. It’s intended to give you a super-quick, super-simple idea of the overall usability of your website and touches only briefly on the visual design of your website. That means:

  • we don’t care how fancy your site is (or isn’t)
  • which gidget goes where
  • what colour you used in a specific spot.

We start out with the absolute basics. We want to know if your website is capable of doing what you need it to do: to enable your customers to engage with you.

Every question on this test is ultimately related to the user experience, or UX, of your website.

Why do we focus on UX?

Search engines reward websites that provide a good user experience. Websites that were built within the last 10 years were often designed with one goal in mind – to benefit the business. They do not follow today’s accessibility or operability guidelines, and they have not evolved to meet the standard requirements of today’s internet-savvy customer.

01. Customer Experience

Combines with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). We cannot stress how important it is, and how huge an impact it has on your website’s success. 

02. Searchability

Searchability combines aspects of UX and several standard, modern features that search engines expect to find on your website. 

03. Accessibility is Magic

Design for the diverse abilities of your website visitors, and EVERY user benefits. This makes better UX, which makes a better world wide web for all of us.

04. Operability

For the purposes of this test, operability is making absolutely, positively, 100% sure that our customers can get ahold of and engage with us. 

What Will You Learn?

We’ll score your results based on your responses. Your website’s overall score will give you an understanding of how user-friendly and functional your website truly is. We’ll follow up with our customized summary report, which will give you an action plan to immediately begin improving your website. 

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