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Based on your test responses, your website is like a bright Searchlight.

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This is great news – it means your website is well positioned and is providing the minimum requirements for good user experience. This is the highest result our Spotlight Test can achieve. Well done, you!

Can it be better? Yes. #sorrynotsorry

At least 97% of websites online today are not considered accessible-friendly (source here). Even if your website is only a few years old, there’s no guarantee that it has kept up with current standards.

Being accessible means being usable and operable for as many users as possible, in as many situations as possible. It includes user experience, visual design, AND technology. 

Our simple Spotlight Test cannot replace a proper evaluation. So, even with Searchlight results, you are likely cutting yourself off from entire segments of the population who literally don’t experience your website the same way you do. 

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What this means for you

You’re doing better than many websites we evaluate, but it can be better! Why settle for “okay” when it deserves to be “awesome”? Our Summary Report email will share some recommendations that will help you improve even further, but here are some basics for you.

Search Engines

Your website is easy to find.

Searchlight websites are generally structured in a way that search engines will be able to understand them. This also means that if you are sending people to your website directly, they are able to use it fairly well.

Brand experience

Your website meets standard expectations.

Your website is functioning in the way that most users expect. This elevates you above many websites that haven’t kept up with technology, have outdated content, or are completely inaccessible.

Here's what you can do next.

(Hint: Make it awesome.)

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me. I'll run a preliminary evaluation that will go deeper than your self-assessment, and we'll talk about a game plan that will get your website to the best possible position for your business.

About our Spotlight Test

Our Spotlight Test is the creation of Steph Sedgwick of Bright Webs Design, and is based on her experiences over 11+ years in the industry. The test asks questions in four different categories. These are carefully curated questions designed to enable you to self-assess your website in the top areas that today’s sites need to offer.


Customer Experience

This is also called User Experience, or UX. It is extremely important – not just to your user, but to search engines too. 



Searchability combines aspects of UX and several standard, modern features that search engines expect to find on your website. 



Design for the diverse abilities of your website visitors, EVERY user benefits. This makes for better UX, which makes for a better world wide web.



For the purposes of this test, we determine Operability as making absolutely sure that our customers can get ahold of us.

Want to truly shine?

Make your website a better place to visit

And you’ll stand out from your competitors.

It’s not magic. But it is a kind of magical combination of art and science. There’s a lot more involved in making a truly great, universally accessible website than we can pack into this one simple test. 

The brighter and steadier your website can shine, the more people will be able to find you. Your website can be a Lighthouse to guide them.